Dear valued patients,

I have come to the difficult decision of selling my dental practice. Unfortunately, both my parents have passed away within the past three years. I have now the responsibility of taking over a family business in the U.S. I will be traveling several times a year to the U.S. within the next year to handle the acquisition. I will not be able to have the time and energy that it takes to provide the best possible care and service at this time. My family and I are extremely happy here in Stavanger and we are not moving to California.  

It has been an honor to be your dentist and I greatly appreciate your trust in me.  I am fully confident that the incoming dentist, that I have personally chosen, will treat you with the best possible care and respect.

Kien Nguyen is a highly skilled, friendly,and caring dentist. He graduated from the Bergen Dental School in 2012 and has experience both in the public and private sectors in addition to working in an emergency dental clinic for 6 years. The clinic will be managed as before but will change its name to Hygge Tannhelse.  Kien focuses on preventative dentistry and the needs of his patients.  Hygge Tannhelse will do everything possible to make your dental experience excellent.


Hygge Tannhelse

Madlastokken 5

4042 Hafrsfjord

Tlf. 51 55 60 67



Thank you

Best regards

Andrew Wurner